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Go big or go home! The After Party Earrings are the perfect way to celebrate the season of love or just accessorize any outfit that needs a little something extra! This newest version of our Party Earrings adds volume but not weight so you can turn heads all day without hurting your head. Like all of our earrings, these come in 3 head options for easy wear for all dexterity and sensory needs. 


Material Notes

Pierced head: hypoallergenic brass with 18k gold plate 

Clip on head: hypoallergenic zinc based alloy

Fish hook head:  hypoallergenic brass with 18k gold plate

Tassels: cotton thread

Incredibly light weight- each earring only weighs about 0.6 ounces!

Roughly 4 inches long

Handmade with love in our Nashville studio. No two are exactly alike!