Visually Impaired Customers: In addition to Alt Text and the Style Description tab to the right, we offer phone calls with a team member to further describe any of our products. If interested, please email to schedule a time.



Our softest fabric, now in Pajamas! Along with our signature coziness that can't be beat, this fabric is wicking to keep you cool as you slumber, and our custom designed prints are perfect for lounging in style the next morning. Plus, like all things, PJs get even better with pockets! These are great for packing in your bag for a weekend away with friends, staying modest but comfy when your son-in-law is in town, or just sprucing up your morning coffee time each day! 

Plus, no more predetermined sets! Just choose what YOU want for your perfect fit, function, and fashion.

Please note, due to their personalized nature, any garments with customized lengths are non-returnable.


Your new favorite PJs are custom made just for you! Please allow 2-3 weeks to recieve your order from our manufacturing partner in Arizona. Thank you for supporting responsible, domestic manufacturing!


Customization Descriptions

Dual Access Within Pockets: This option will add a 1 inch finished hole to the inside of your pockets, allowing you to run tubing from an external device (like an insulin pump) to your body. You can now safely and comfortably store your device inside your pocket while it remains attached to you. 


Pull Loops: This option will add 2 inch loops to the hem of your top and waist of your pants for easy dressing with limited mobility, grip, or dexterity. Each loop is placed 6 inches from the side seams on both the front and back of your top or 3 inches on your bottoms and are great for hooking with a thumb or assistive tool. 


In addition to these more specific adaptations, we think about the accessibility of our silhouettes from the start. We are always looking to improve our design process even further, so please reach out with accessibility feedback or suggestions any time at