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Boxed BloomsAll 'Choked Up

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There's no better addition to your closet than a silk scarf! These beauties are perfect for adding some color to any outfit with ease and are sure to last a lifetime. Tie them endless ways for the perfect look!

26" x 26" - perfect for tying around necks, hair, wrists, bags, and more!

100% Silk

Double sided print so both sides are just as vibrant! 

Print Descriptions

Boxed Blooms: Vibrant hues of multicolored florals positioned in the center of the scarf spill out over similiarly colored nested boxes around the edges of the scarf. The primary colors of this design are navy and pink with accents of green and yellow, and the vibe is bright and happy. 

All 'Choked Up: A stylized artichoke damask in hues of blue and green, this scarf is subdued perfection. The vibe is calm and elegant. 

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