Pink, Orange, Light Blue, Navy, and Green stripes repeated

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Fashion and Function

About Brakefields

Brakefields is a functional fashion label founded by a mother-daughter team passionate about solving the problems women often find in their traditional clothing. Whether due to disability, motherhood, a demanding job, or simply an on the go lifestyle- we all need clothes that equip us for whatever our day might ask of us. Brakefields is proud to design clothes that are just as fashionable as they are functional!

Mary Cayten and Stephanie, both white brunettes, walking a runway holding hands. Mary Cayten is wearing a navy jumpsuit with a v neck and ruffle and Stephanie is wearing a pair of pleated white leg jeans and multicolored floral top with a ruffle at the hem
A model leads the final procession on a runway wearing navy high waisted pants and a sheer navy faux button up top with a large bow at the side of the neck.

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Latest Stories

Get to know Brakefields by reading about who we’re inspired by, updates from the brand, behind the scenes of our design process, and more!

Allie, a white brunette, stands smiling with her son and husband against a blue and white striped painted brick wall. They are holding a large orange balloon with "$22,140" and "Disability Dame" written on it.

Allie Schmidt

Allie Schmidt Because Brakefields started during the height of the COVID pandemic, the vast majority of our research and customer discovery was conducted virtually. Allie Schmidt was

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Molly, a white brunette, stands laughing loudly in front of a bright blue wall with two pink forearm crutches. She is wearing black pants and a black and white striped top.

Molly Farrell

Molly Farrell If you’re a fan of fashionable, functional clothing you need to run, not walk, RUN, to Molly Farrell’s Instagram. Molly’s page,, first caught our

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