Meet Our New Manufacturer

We know you care where your purchases come from, which is why from Day 1 we’ve made sure everything Brakefields produces is a great product made by great people. We are SO excited about a new development in our business model to make this even more true, and we can't wait to tell you about it!

We are so excited to launch our Pajamas tomorrow for many reasons, including that they will be the first design produced by our new partner, Bespoke Manufacturing Company. BMC is an Arizona based manufacturing company that operates on an on-demand model. That means that every piece is custom made just for you, then delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 weeks of ordering. This has a couple of big benefits for you that make us, as a brand, very excited.

Inclusion: We like to say that at Brakefields we want to support awesome women doing awesome things. For us that means making clothes that equip you for whatever your day throws your way while providing the confidence boost that only comes from a great outfit. We care deeply about every woman being able to enjoy this approach to fashion, but as a small startup it can be nearly impossible to carry the inventory necessary to dress all bodies. On-demand manufacturing will allow us to expand from our current size range of XS-XXL to a range of XXXS-6X starting this fall to ensure a great fit for everyone. In addition to continuing to keep overall accessibility and functionality in mind when designing, this new model will also allow us to offer the option to include more specialized adaptations in each garment such as dual access pockets for use with insulin pumps, pull loops for ease of dressing with limited mobility, or asymmetrical hemming for limb differences. By supporting this new method of production, you are supporting our efforts to include women of all sizes and abilities in the fashion industry.

Sustainability: Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, and we have become keenly aware of how much waste is produced through fashion since starting our label. While the solutions to this problem are complex and far reaching, on-demand manufacturing is about as close to the gold standard of responsible production as you can get. With this new model, we only produce the exact amount of pieces that will be worn and enjoyed, and will even be able to soon print textiles in house to reduce any overproduction of fabric as well. Plus, having all of this happen domestically greatly reduces the emissions created by an international supply chain. We are proud to work with a partner that prioritizes employee well being and ensures a positive, healthy work environment. By supporting this new method of production, you are supporting ethical manufacturing that cares for people and the planet.

Customization: We’ve all had to either pass up a great look or shell out huge amounts of money and time for tailoring just to have your garments fit the way you want them to. But gone are those days! Our on-demand manufacturing means you can do everything from customizing your hem lengths to choosing a different size for tops and bottoms when ordering a matching set. We think that well-fitting, flattering, comfortable garments shouldn’t have to be a luxury, and our new production model will make that a reality for you. By supporting this new method of production, you are supporting the idea that clothes should work for your body and your lifestyle without sacrificing style.

We understand that inclusion, sustainability, and your satisfaction with the fit and function of your clothing are ever moving targets that we must daily choose to pursue. We will never stop working to be more inclusive, more sustainable, or more equipped to make the best product possible for you.

We aim to be responsible in the way we produce our products and inclusive in who can enjoy them. Thank you for showing your commitment to the same values by supporting our brand!

With love from Nashville,

Mary Cayten and Stephanie